Redesigning Connectivity For Anywhere, Anytime

Our end-to-end offering supports high-speed, low-latency wireless links and provides the cheapest, fastest way to deploy cell networks.

Starlight is the future of telecom.

Modular nodes, modern tech stack

Starlight creates nodes that are wireless, untethered, and modular. Operators can easily transfer ownership of their infrastructure through our backend software. Through modern software stacks, we can also build APIs and an SDK for applications to natively leverage the Core Networks.

More granular coverage

Our components are cheap and can scale quickly. This enables granular coverage even in areas where fiber is hard to extend, like rural and industrial areas.

Peer to peer connections

Starlink sends data from one place to another by beaming up and beaming down wirelessly. Starlight writes logic that allows the network to work in a peer-to-peer, rather than hub-and-spoke, manner.

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All technology evolutions (3G, 4G, LTE, 5G) are controlled by the largest players in global telecom. Independent innovation is very rare.

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