Super Suds

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  • Dry Foam Concentrate Gel
  • Longer Lasting, Thicker Foam - Leaves no Residue
  • Exclusively used for the "Worlds Largest Foam Party"
  • Guinness book of world records, 2008
New Formula! Thicker Clear Gel!

This exciting new foam formula makes an extra light and fluffy foam and works great for indoor use. Each container makes up to 80 gallons of foam fluid. Scientifically formulated - this is the most powerful and driest foam formula on the market today when used in our large foam machine. It's easy to clean up and completely dissipates on it's own with no residue. Non Toxic - will not hurt plants, eyes or skin. Does not leave water behind, like other fluids do. Completely evaporates within a few hours. Makes a superior foam! For a thicker, heavier foam, add more concentrate to your mix. Won't "gunk up" machine like inferior formulas. No odor. Extra Thick Gel makes a much longer lasting foam than other concentrates. For use in Large machines - will not work in small machines, but will work in all brands of large foam machines. Fluids are non-returnable.
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