Gerbs / Fountains

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  • Professional Stage Fountains!

This product has a hazardous material classification of 1.4G and can be shipped by ground transportation only.
Small and easy to conceal. These gerbs are revolutionizing the industry with their small size and astounding power. Two wire leads make it easy to attach to any battery or low-voltage ignition source. Short duration gerbs are 3 inches or less in length and 1/2 inch diameter. Longer duration gerbs (15 seconds or more) are up to 6 inches in length and 3/4 inch in diameter.

Very little smoke, and a spectacular fountain effect. These gerbs have two wire leads that can be hooked up to any battery or low-voltage source for ignition.

Please Note:

Pyrotechnics are not returnable. Please email our tech support with any questions before you make your purchase to be sure you are getting the correct item.