Mobile M1 Fogger

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  • Small and Powerful!
  • Flight Case Included!
Model: M1
Mobile M1 Fogger

This new, light weight fogger comes with everything you need. The mobile fogger was developed for use in locations where power is not available, such as for movies, outdoor theater, floats and set designs. Great for providing either a small amount of fog, or a steady stream of heavy fog using battery power! Shoots fog at any angle and, unlike other small foggers on the market, the fluid tank and battery are built into the unit - no fluid lines or power cords to run. The Mobile Fogger comes complete with rechargeable 12v battery, battery charger, fluid and heavy duty flight case (as pictured below). Measures only 9 inches long, so it's easy to conceal. Dimensions: 9" x 3" x 2.5". Weight: 2.2 lbs.
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