Disposable Mylar Streamer Launcher

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Model: CO2STRM

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Disposable Mylar Streamer Launcher

Brightly colored mylar streamers - travel a long distance! Easy to clean up! Just twist the base! Comes pre-loaded and ready to go! Shoots up 20 feet! Nothing else to buy. Disposable launcher comes fully loaded and ready to go!

This is a hot new effect: large, multi colored high floating streamers, loaded and ready to go with Co2 cartridge in place. All you do is twist the ring near the base and your confetti load will travel up to 20 feet. Hold with left hand and twist middle ring with right hand. Great for parades, grand openings, weddings and sporting events. Streamers are flame proof. Large 16 inch by 2 inch launcher Contains more confetti than other brands of air launcher. Each launcher contains about $30 worth of streamers when purchased separately, so this is a great deal!

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