Thanks to our loyal customers, we at have had the pleasure to save and assist hundreds of animals over the years.
Over 20% of the profits from every sale go to care for homeless and injured animals in a meaningful and respectful way.

Here are some of their stories:

These are actual pictures of some of the many loveable critters that have come through the door of Paws for the Cause, a non-profit that relies almost solely on for all day-to-day operational costs.

Zero and Biscuit are father and son, found running for their lives. Zero was terribly abused, and seemed somewhat determined to find a better life for his boy.
They play, eat and sleep together and are inseperable, though Biscuits' youthful excuberance does occassionally wear thin with daddy Zero,
they are very happy to be together and safe at last.

From young to very old, they all come from heartbreaking circumstances, to a place where they are loved, rehabilitated and re-homed if possible.
The puppy on left was born to a homeless stray, beagle found wandering the back roads and Bingo, a dog with a golden heart but nowhere to stay.
All have been succes in finding their "forever" home. For each one that comes through, there are always plenty waiting.
Evidence of the importance of spay and neuter.

We help all the animals we can, regardless of species. If they are injured or lonely, we do what we can!

"Frodo" - chained to a drug dealers porch, starved and sleeping in the snow.

They offer undying devotion and ask for little in return. How we treat them is a direct reflection on us as people.

Thank you for your continued support!