Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q How do I return an item?
  • A If you have received a defective or broken product, please accept our apology. Unlike other companies, we physically inspect and test most items before shipping, but they are occasionally damaged in transit. We will do everything we can to remedy your situation quickly. If an item is received that has been damaged in transit, let us know RIGHT AWAY so that we can file an insurance claim with our carrier.

    Returns – Invoice# (if you have it)
    201 Newtown Pike
    Lexington, Ky. 40508

    Please include as much paperwork as you can regarding return and how you would like it settled.

    INSURE Insure your return for the full amount. If it is damaged, dented or dropped in transit, as has sometimes happened, you will need to file a claim with the shipper. Your claim will no longer be with us. The fact that it was defective will no longer be an issue, as we can not repair and sell a dented or broken item.

    DO NOT USE THE POST OFFICE Send returns by UPS or FedEx. The post office will likely damage or misplace the item. It happens almost every time. They are not a reliable return carrier for this area.

    EMPTY FLUIDS If your machine uses fluids (such as a fog or snow machine), please empty them before packing. Fluids can easily leak out of the machine in transit and destroy the electronics, making the machine un-repairable.
  • Q Do you accept Purchase Orders?
  • A I am sorry, we do not accept purchase orders as a form of payment. You may, however, send the purchase order along with payment for immediate processing. Products can not be released by the warehouse until they are paid in full.
  • Q Can I get items imprinted with our corporate name or custom packed and shipped?
  • A Yes, customized products are available, but there is usually a 3 month lead time and a minimum order quantity of 300 or more, depending on the product. Please enquire within. We have helped many clients with their promotional products.
  • Q How do I choose the best black light for me?
  • A Black lights occupy the lowest and least visible spectrum of light, and as such, they do not compete well with other types of light. A black light will only work well if there is no other light present in the area being lit.

    It's also important to note that it takes a lot of power to create a small amount of black light. Incandescent black lights are not nearly as powerful as fluorescent black lights, due to the fact that fluorescent lights have a built in transformer that allows the "power" to be stepped up considerably. Incandescent lights are rated according to how much power they use, but a 150 watt black light will not be nearly as bright as a typical, white 150 watt light bulb that you might use in a table lamp. Fluorescent bulbs also have a much longer life than incandescent bulbs. The average fluorescent will last around 10,000 hours, but the average incandescent will last around 300 hours. These are not guaranteed times, but are based on sample calculations from a batch. Fluorescent bulbs require a special rapid start transformer, so they can not be used in standard fluorescent fixtures, but must be used in fixtures rated for black light use.

    If you are lighting an object or area with black light, it's important to note that you should use as much black light as is practical. There is almost no such thing as "too much" black light.

    Black light bulbs do not typically last very long outdoors unless they are protected by a glass or acrylic lens in an approved weatherproof fixture. Since the bulb has a UV coating, it gets very hot, and moisture can cause the bulb to burn out quickly. Fluorescent bulbs do not get hot and will weather much better, but no fixture should be used outdoors without GFCI protection.

    Bulbs are not returnable, as they cannot be re-sold as new.
  • Q Will fog set off my smoke alarm?
  • A It does not happen that often, but it's always a possibility, depending on the proximity and sensitivity of the smoke detection apparatus. A haze machine is much less likely to set off a smoke alarm. If you use a "quick dissipating" fluid in the fog machine, it will reduce your chances of setting off an alarm, as well as dissipating before it can reach the audience members, if that is a concern. Newer, "particle detecting" fire systems are much more likely to set off a fire alarm in a commercial building.
  • Q How do I decide how much body paint to get?
  • A One container of any of the body paint paint should be enough to cover 2 adult arms, 2 legs and a face. Coverage area is relative. A paint store could never tell you how much a gallon of wall paint would cover, thus we can not say with certainty how much area our body paint will cover. Different people will apply different amounts to different parts, and will have different sized bodies.

    If you want to cover your entire body, we would recommend 3 containers.

    Body paint must be applied thickly to avoid cracking. A thin layer will crack easily.